“People Money – the Promise of Regional Currencies”

So we are nearly there.

The adventure trek I began in September 2011 with my first interviews with local currency organisers turned into a Himalayan expedition of interviews with 40 regional currency practitioners from Argentina to New Zealand on six continents. Now the summit is in sight.

The finished product – a completely updated and expanded first English edition of Margrit Kennedy’s and Bernard Lietaer’s 2004 German book “Regionalwährungen” – will be published by Triarchy Press in England in June.

“People Money – the Promise of Regional Currencies” is in two parts.

Part One: The Case for Regional Currencies starts by proposing a new definition of globalisation that honours local diversity, presents regional currencies as  a powerful tool for localisation policies, investigates the money ‘blind spot’ we all have that only sees one kind of money – national currencies – , presents Banco Palmas in Brazil and WIR Bank in Switzerland as leading examples of effective regional money systems and finally discusses the key characteristics of regional money systems.

Part Two: Regional Currencies in Practice profiles the diverse global movement of local currency systems, from business to business exchange systems to LETS, Time Bank and Transition Town currencies. It explores the many habits of effective local currency organisers, presents a design methodology – the ORDER process – for new systems, followed by portraits of 15 leading systems including Brixton Pound, BerkShares, Chiemgauer, Ithaca HOURS, Talente Tauschkreis Vorarlberg in Austria, Dane County Time Bank, Blaengarw Time Centre, Equal Dollars etc., continuing with portraits of agencies that research, develop and support local currencies such as IRTA, STRO, QOIN, Community Forge and the German Regional Money Association. The book ends with ‘Future Positive’, a summary of lessons learned, recommendations for action and brief portraits of the Bristol Pound – launch due 2012 – and the Nanto – launch due 2013 –  both being supported by local authorities.

So, climb to the summit of the new economics with us by ordering your copy, telling all your friends and planting a flag for sane money in an insane age.

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