This blog is about local, regional, community and complementary currencies.

All over the world people have had the same idea: let’s make money, our own.

They understand that national currencies are often scarce and dysfunctional and do not allow us to carry out all the exchanges we would like to.

Local currencies help to grow community, support local business and protect the environment.

At the heart of all community currencies is the same powerful mechanism: connecting underused assets with unmet needs.

We will explore the different dimensions of this worldwide movement: social, political, organisational etc.

I have worked with community currencies since 1993, when I started a Local Exchange Trading System in my community, which I co-ordinated for 10 years. Then I co-directed the Wales Institute for Community Currencies at the University of Newport from 2003-2007, supporting communities in the ex-mining areas of South Wales, UK to set up time banks.

I now run the consulting and training practice Value for People, which exists to spread best practice in community currencies: http://www.valueforpeople.co.uk

In 2010, I ran the first global webinar series on local currencies with 20 students from 4 continents and a 5 day workshop at the Findhorn Community in Scotland.

In 2012, Triarchy Press published the revised English edition of Margrit Kennedy’s and Bernard Lietaer’s 2004 book on regional currencies, which I expanded and co-authored: http://www.triarchypress.net/people-money.html

In 2013, Triarchy Press published my pamphlet “Local Currency – What Difference Does It Make?”: http://www.triarchypress.net/local-money.html

In 2014, I self-published the pamphlet “The Map – How To Out Your Local Economy”: http://valueforpeople.co.uk/the-map-how-to-out-your-local-economy/

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