Local Currency

This blog is about local, regional, community and complementary currencies.

All over the world people have had the same idea: let’s make money, our own.

They understand that national currencies are often scarce and dysfunctional and do not allow us to carry out all the exchanges we would like to.

Local currencies help to grow community, support local business and protect the environment.

At the heart of the diversity of community currencies is the same powerful mechanism: connecting underused assets with unmet needs.

In 2012, UK publisher Triarchy Press http://www.triarchypress.com/ is bringing out the first English language edition of the 2004 book ‘Regional Currencies’ by Margrit Kennedy and Bernard Lietaer (so far published in German, French and Spanish). We are taking the opportunity of the English edition to completely update the material and include interviews with currency organisers and activists around the world.

So far I have interviewed Paul Glover, founder of Ithaca HOURS in New York; Richard Logie, founder of the Business Exchange in Scotland; Will Ruddick, development worker in Kenya; Hasan from the Central Bank of Ecuador.

Each one has a fascinating story to tell about their motivation for working on local currencies and the realities and challenges of implementation.

Future interviewees include Edgar Cahn, Susan Witt, Christian Gelleri and many other local organisers around the world.

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John Rogers, Germany